Collaboration Accomplishments

Since 2011, HNCP was worked to increasing collaboration in the Heartside Neighborhood, by maximizing resources, and minimizing service duplication. HNCP exists to be a catalyst for collaboration in the Heartside-Downtown Neighborhood. We seek to create collaborations among all stakeholder groups by inviting them to craft win-win situations in order to help make Heartside-Downtown a place where all people are welcomed and respected.

As with any work of this nature, the work itself – the bringing together of people to build trust and work toward the common good, produces ancillary intangible benefits that do not fall into categories of projects or collaborations.

Here are a few of the intangibles realized through HNCP’s continuing work:

• A Core Group of social service providers continues to build trust, attend meetings and seek ways to reduce unnecessary redundancy and free resources to meet unmet needs. HNCP is providing space for social services to have a more unified voice. In doing so, social service providers have been developing trust which allows the sharing of sensitive information, improve communication between all stakeholder groups, and allow for greater resource allocation. For example, opportunities for coordinated efforts on shoe distribution and meal coordinations. Core Providers jointly traveled to learn more about other social services in Michigan including food pantries and court models. HNCP created a Social Service Spreadsheet to identify gaps and overlaps in service and gathered empirical, academic and/or anecdotal research. This has allow stakeholders to identify needs in the neighborhood and work collaboratively towards solutions.

• Staff and Executive Directors at Degage Ministries, Heartside Ministry, Mel Trotter Ministries, Family Promise of Grand Rapids, and Guiding Light Mission read through Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help and How to Reverse It. Agencies completed program changes to make sure the work being done is helping their clients long-term. This has created increasing expectations of neighbors, volunteers and donors.

• HNCP has been part of improving the health of area residents through nutritional intake, greater access to fresh produce, and increased knowledge of nutrition. The Food Summit and subsequent program changes will be the indicators of this outcome Collective information gathered through VCM will provide documentation of success measure for this outcome. Providing meeting space, input and Food Summit documents for the Food Gleaning Team, led by Lisa Sisson.

• Increasing cooperation and relationships between area businesses, residents, and non-profit agencies serving this community is what HNCP is all about. We have worked to increase the visibility and voice of residents of Heartside with the city planners and others who are working on revitalizing Heartside District. Our of this work there is now intentional business/non-profit events like Clark Communications Lunch and Learns.

HNCP is Hosting and Organizing Heartside Community Trainings:
Organized & hosted Virtual Case Manager Trainings
Organized & hosted Trauma Informed Trainings (90+ individuals)
Organized & hosted Toxic Charity Training (90+ individuals)
Organized & hosted Overdose Training (40+ individuals)
Organized & hosted Verbal De-escalation Training
Organized & hosted a social service joint board meeting
Hosted Homeless Simulation through AmeriCorps

HNCP is Providing Meeting Organization and Structure:
Heartside Agencies Meeting
Heartside Neighborhood Collaboration Project
Core Providers Group
Virtual Case Manager User Group
Food Summit Meetings
Community Outreach Court Meetings

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