HNCP Neighborhood Voice Research Project

In December of 2012, HNCP contracted with Tiger Studio to help answer the question: “How can Heartside Neighborhood provide a platform that creates awareness and gives all residents an equal voice?” Throughout the research process Tiger Studio and HNCP captured the full range of stakeholder groups in Heartside to assess behaviors, attitudes and perceptions in ordered to better understand how to develop a fully inclusive planning process for the community. Insights from the interviews were synthesized into high-level trends. Problems were identified and framed for discussion. Stakeholders were then segmented into user groups with similar characteristics and motivations. Tiger Studio held a series of brainstorm sessions throughout the community with the stakeholder groups. Participants shared ideas based on real needs and people within the community. The top initiatives were framed up by defining the user needs, resources, investment, partnerships, timeframe, measure of success and steps necessary to implement each initiative. Please see link below for the Heartside Neighborhood Voice Research Report

Tiger Studio Research Executive Summary

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